Shop Name: Tokyo 15

1 is pronounced as Ichi in Japanese and 5 is Go, but if you say it together like ichigo, it means strawberry as well as 1 5! We are Tokyo one five hence ichi go not fifteen which is jugo.


• Go to Shopping Page

• Choose whichever sub menu you want

• Add item to your shopping cart

• We accept payment through PayPal so you will be redirected on the cart page to the PayPal's site where you can either enter your card details, sign up with PayPal or log in to your account. NOTE: you don't need a Pay Pal account to buy from us, we accept payment to PayPal via credit and debit cards.

The postage will be included on the shopping cart so you don't have to calculate postage

Our postage for toy goods only is based on price however an additional handling fee will be added for certain countries.

The UK is exempt from any fees

Europe is charged an additional £5 on the whole order

USA is an additional £10 on the whole order

Australasia is an additional £10 on the whole order

Asia is an additional £8 on the whole order and all other countries outside Europe is £4 on the whole order

This is to cover the costs of standard airmail and registered post to these countries (2-5 days delivery).  NOTE: if there is a large order for any country other than the UK the shipping will be sent by Surface Mail (4-6 weeks delivery) you will be notified either way.

NOTE: When you return to the web site after payment please use the confirm button on the page you return to or the order will not go through on this web site and we will not receive an email request and your bank will not charge you for the transaction. The reason for this is PayPal is a back end operation to our site and confirmation is needed on our site to confirm transaction has been made.  

We only accept the return of items if they are faulty or damaged as long as they are returned within the period of 10 days in their original packaging. Items are checked before they leave and purposely damaged items will not be accepted in the return. We will also not accept returned items for people who have changed their minds.

If you have any queries please send an email to

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